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August 3, 2012

Aug. 4, 2012 Letters to the editor: Deanna Blough

Saddened by anti-levy signs

Letters to the editor

—  It greatly saddens me to drive around the Jefferson Area School District and see the number of signs that are anti-levy. I understand that times are hard for so many of us, but really, we need to support our schools.

Our daughter won a great renewable scholarship for music in ‘86, thanks to her talent and the education she received while a student at Jefferson. Her vocal music teacher, Debbie McKee, gave our daughter the education we could not afford privately. Now our granddaughter is in 5th grade at JAES, and she will  have the opportunity for vocal or instrumental music until she reaches junior high, as those teaching positions and also phys ed and art have been cut. Her chances for scholarship have been greatly lessened!

My husbank and I live on our Social Security, which amounts to less than $2,000 per month. We are not poor! We have what we need, and we don’t spend money we don’t have on toys. Our house needs work, too, but we both feel there is no better investment for our money than in the futures of the students of this district. They not only are the future of Jefferson; they are the future of our country and our futures as well. We’ll find the funds to pay our taxes and we’ll continue to support our schools.

Those folks who oppose the levy need to sit in on board meeting and talk with teachers and administrators before they say no to te needed funds the levy will provide. People please don’t vote with your wallet; vote with your hearts and your hope in the fusre of this coutnry! Vote”YES” for the Jefferson Area  Schools levy on Aug. 7.

Deanna Blough